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As every aspiring writer knows the value of feedback on their work, so they know how hard it is to come by. Once that short story or novel is complete, the culmination of all those weeks or months of work is often nothing more than a form rejection, a blank response with nothing specific and no practical advice. Is it the story? Was the plot airtight? Or did I pitch it correctly? Unfortunately, the typical outcome of a submission is no feedback at all from potential publishers, and the writer is left to flounder.

Fact - almost all submissions fail at the first hurdle

It is estimated that around 87% of manuscripts sent to literary agents are rejected automatically and without being read because the writer failed to follow submission guidelines. Many more are rejected due to the covering letter or a plot synopsis that was lacking. Word for word, submitting to an agent is the hardest part of a writer's job, and one that everyone agonizes to get right. Every writer who has ever been through the process can relate to the agonizing difficulty that approaching a literary agent presents and just how hard it is to get right.

How a dedicated writer's critique can help you

When you submit your work to The Writer's Critique, you will know that it will be assessed by a writer who has been published. Whether a short story or a full novel, your manuscript will be read with an eye for plot, story, description, pacing, and for the quality of the prose. Emphasis is placed on areas of possible improvement wherever possible over the parts that are beyond reproach. Your writing will be read by someone dedicated to identifying any weaknesses in the text, and noting these in a diplomatic way and yet with a thoroughly critical eye. If your plot synopsis lacks clarity, is confusing, or focuses on the least important parts of the story, then practical advice will be offered in order to remedy these issues and produce an outline that is succinct, cohesive, and striking, enhancing your chances of standing out from any agent's slush-pile. Read more about manuscript assessment here.

If you need a more slimline appraisal of your work, or just a fresh pair of eyes to root out errors of typing or grammar, then The Writer's Critique also offers proofreading services to give your prose that extra polish. Read more here, or view the pricing page for more information.

How it works

Simply submit your work using the online submission form, specifying whether it is a novel, novella, short story, plot synopsis or agent approach letter. Once it has been pre-assessed for word-count you'll receive an email quoting the price for assessment. Secure payment is made via your account, where your document is listed - this should be in the form of a Microsoft Word .doc, .docx, or text file. Reading and assessment takes up to 30 days, and you will receive an email notifying you when it is complete. The full review of your work will be attached, and can also be viewed by logging into your Writer's Critique account.


Unlike some manuscript assessment services, The Writer's Critique does not charge massive base rates for reading and assessing your work. Instead, a modest minimum charge is imposed and further charges are calculated on a scaled tariff, where you pay less per word as the word-count increases. The pricing scheme charges equally regardless of assessment type, i.e., a novel manuscript is treated the same as a plot synopsis, word for word. See Pricing for more information.

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